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Naturopathy and Yoga – A way of life

According to the basic concept of naturopathy or nature cure, which is a drugless therapy, healing comes from within the body itself. That is to say, there are self-curative forces which are inherent in the human body working towards health and healing. In fact, a Naturopath simply provides required guidance, whereas self-control, diet control and exercises to be adopted by the patient play a major role in the healing process.

Accumulation of waste products in the body by eating wrong types of food, over-eating or poor digestion and assimilation, is considered one of the major causes of ill-health and various diseases. Nothing eliminates these waste products more effectively than fasting and enema. Most of the diseases can be treated and cured by cleansing the body through natural, eliminative and physiological processes.

Naturopathy believes that the germs which cause disease appear and flourish only where morbid matter has accumulated. Hence, a disease cannot attack unless there is already a soil in which the germs can thrive. When waste products in the body become very strong, the self-curative forces work at low pace and nature loses its fight, disease results in.

Yoga is a complete science of life. Although yoga is ancient one, it has become popular only in the recent past. It‘s a scientific method for exercising and can easily be applied to ease the tensions and stresses of modern day living. There are many forms of yoga, but here we are concerned with the physical exercise only.

Yoga, if combined with naturopathy, is another important healing science, also drugless and natural. By itself, it generally cannot cure most of the diseases with Naturopathy can, but its role is equally useful in combination with naturopathy and vice versa. In fact naturopathy and yoga are like two wheels of a cart and if both are practiced together, it can give wonderful results.

Yogic kriyas like neti, kapal bhati, kunjal, laghu shankprashalan, etc are processes of purification of the body which precede yoga and help in eliminating toxic accumulations from the body.

Naturopathy heals or cures the body, while yoga maintains thereafter. The two, in combination, enables one to achieve a healthy life throughout.

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