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Valley Green, Philadelphia

About the place: Valley Green is located in the Wissahickon Valley of Fairmount Park in the City of Philadelphia. The Park (4,180 acres) is the largest landscaped park in the U.S. Users of Park trails include all people using trails whether on foot, bicycle, horse, carriage, horse-drawn vehicle or any other permitted vehicle. For more details http://www.fairmountpark.org/

Climate: Temperature is usually around 63.0 F (17.2 C) in the summers. [July – Oct]

The Hike itself: There are different hiking trails in the Wissahickon Valley. You can find more details about them on the website. All these trails are clearly marked unlike what it is back in India. Most of the hikes are a day long hike. Camping overnight is not allowed.
There is a trail that goes along a small stream and it‘s pretty simple and nice.

Route: Catch a Septa bus, route no. 27 from Philadelphia. There is a bus every 20 mins. Get down at Wises Mill Rd or Wissahickon Valley. It‘s about a 40 mins ride. The bus will drop you on the freeway. From here, there is a sign board on the right hand side which takes you the actual trail. On your way back, you can catch the same bus.

Food: There is a very nice restaurant called Valley Green Inn restaurant. At any time of the year, whatever the occasion, this place offers a charming and comfortable experience for good food, spirits and company. The Inn is open seven days a week, year round.

Some snaps:

Just before a small waterfall.

Just before a small waterfall

The waterfall

The waterfall

I was really surprised looking at the standstill water just before the fall. Looks like there is some underwater current. Hence swimming in these streams is prohibited.

Happy hiking!

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