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Patang now supports Fit and FitNesse

Recently I released the beta 0.2 version on Patang. In this release I added support to run plain Fit tests inside the container [web container]. So now, you can run your fit tests inside the container. It does not matter if you are using plain Fit or FitNesse.

Setup for Fit:
1. Add the fit.FitServlet definition to the deployment descriptor of your web container [web.xml]. An example is available under the docs/web.xml in the release file.

2. Add the absolute path to the directory containing fit tests and the results directory as init-params to the servlet.

3. Deploy the patang-fit.jar file to you web app by putting patang-fit.jar and fit.jar under the WEB-INF/lib folder.

4. If you plan to call your fit tests during your continuous integration build, use the fit.ServletInvoker class, which communicates with the fit.FitServlet in the web container. This servlet can be used to run your fit tests inside the container directly from the web browser or from the ant build file. An example of this is available under the docs/build.xml in the release file.

More details:

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