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Selenium Presentation at Agile 2006 conference

Recently I co-presented with Alex Ruiz on Agile User Interface Development at the Agile 2006 conference. Alex presented on Abbot and I gave a demo on Selenium.

The objective of my talk was to show:

  1. How to write acceptance tests for Web UIs? The focus was on driving UI development from a functional stand-point using acceptance tests.
  2. How to quickly build regression/functional tests for an application with existing UI [legacy code] using Selenium?
  3. Last but not the least, to introduce Selenium

For the demo, I used VQWiki as my test application. The wiki is a simple yet powerful application to demonstrate some of the core selenium and acceptance testing fundas. Coz of this, the Wiki turned out to be an interesting application for the demo. I had tests in Selenium core and Selenium remote control. This was sufficient to show the power of Selenium. Finally when I recorded a test scenario using Selenium IDE, the audience went gaga over Selenium.

I‘m hoping to upload the tutorial soon. Till then you can have a look at the presentation here.

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