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SDTConf 2007 Registrations are now open

Simple Design and Testing Conference 2006 was a big success. You can find more details on the Hightlights page.

More details are available on the FAQs page.

Wondering what an open space is? Visit About page for more details on Open Space.

  • What: Open Space event to discuss different aspects of the Simple Design and Testing practices
  • Where: Penn State University, York Campus, PA
  • When: Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2007
  • Who: Everyone interested in Simple Design and Testing practices
  • Cost: Free. Open to people from all aspects of software projects using Agile

The conference location is

Conference Center
Main Classroom Building
Penn State University (York Campus)
1031 Edgecomb Ave
York, PA 17403

We have limited 150 slots available on basis of your position paper. Visit http://www.sdtconf.com/reg.htm for registrations.

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