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Simple Design and Testing Conference 2008 coming shortly

As you might already know, Microsoft has agreed to host the next Simple Design and Testing Conference on Sep 12 – 14th 2008. Big thanks to Jim Newkirk, who has been the driving force on Microsoft’s side and is helping us organize this conference.

The venue for the conference is:

Microsoft Midwest
3025 Highland Pkwy., Suite 300
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: (630) 725-4000
Fax: (630) 495-7764

For this year’s conference we are using the “Position Paper” approach, like last year. If you want to participate in this conference, please update your position paper on our wiki right now.

Also note that we need your help to make this event possible. Please have a look at the list of items that we need organizations/individuals to sponsor.

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