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Agile Chandigarh 2008 Workshop – Summary

I just got back from Chandigarh after participating in the Agile Chandigarh 2008 workshop.

Vikram Dhiman did a great job of organizing the workshop. I really appreciate his initiative.

We had over 35 participants from 11 different companies. I was surprised by the level of Agile knowledge the participants had.
I ran the Waterfall to Agile demo followed by Agile Overview presentation. After this, Vikram gave a great presentation on Agile Myths. The last presentation of the day was from Rajesh. Rajesh spoke about the role of a manager. Rajesh was just introduced to Agile by Vikram a couple of weeks back. Rajesh has been doing Management consulting for the last 15+ year and he was happy to see that Agile is embracing what he calls “Common Sense” management.

Vikram will upload all the slides soon.

Thanks to all the participants and organizers. I wish more people take up initiatives like this, so that we can spread the agile awareness faster and move up the value chain.

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