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Dummy’s Guide to Agile Transition

Why are companies so afraid to Fail?

When I meet folks from companies, most of them want to implement Agile, but they want ready made solutions from experienced folks. Basically what they are looking for is a Dummy’s Guide to Agile Transition. They want a completed tested and proven approach (Best Practices) to adopt Agile. They want to make sure there is no room for failure.

Well I don’t really understand how can one learn new techniques/approaches without failing a couple of times? Isn’t failure an implicit part of learning? To really learn something, you need to understand its boundaries and test the waters yourself. Babies don’t learn to walk without falling/hurting themselves. IMHO, if you want a babysitter (Coach), all your life, you will never be able to appreciate and learn new concepts. I’m afraid you will learn how to be waterfall in a different way.

You could get a coach to help you avoid big failure and give a helping hand after a failure, but its unrealistic to expect that a coach will help you successfully transition without any failure. Hard learnt lessons stick around longer.

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