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Finally made it to Ireland to attend XP 2008 Conf

After a 4 hr delay in my flights I finally made it to Ireland. But the airline lost my bags on the way. Looks like my bad luck is only bad! (This is a typical thing you would hear an Indian say when things go wrong.)

Well on the bright side, I got to walk for 2 miles at mid-night to go shopping to a 24 store here in Limerick called Dunnes Stores. I had absolutely no clothes left to wear today. To my surprise there was a father’s day sale running at the store. So I got a bunch of clothes quite cheap, about 40 EURO in all. Also I found really nice and friendly people in the city. I lost my way a couple of time and folks were generous enough to show me the correct way. One gentleman even gave me a drop in his car when I was way off the road I had to go.

Thanks to Agile Alliance for sponsoring my trip. I’m using my Gordon Pask award to cover the expenses for this conference. The award comes with a “travel to two conferences in two other continents” and all expenses paid by Agile Alliance. This is the first out of the 2, I’m using. I’m hoping that there is a conference in Australia or South Africa that I can use this award to go to.

This afternoon I’m running a workshop on Acceptance Test Driven Development. I was told that there are 16 people who have registered (paid) to attend this workshop. I’m really looking forward to meet those folks and to attend the rest of the conference.

This is my first time in Ireland and I must tell you, this place is awesome. Its really beautiful. Weather is great. Well I’m going out to enjoy my time. Will be back in Mumbai in a week’s time (hopefully, pray for me).

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