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Michael Feathers in India

Mr. Feathers is in India for 2 weeks. He is doing a TDD training for a company in Bangalore.

Flashback: I was really happy when he dropped me an email saying he is coming to India and would like to meet up with Agile enthusiasts in the area. After exchanging a few emails, we settled on running 3 free workshops in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Yes, that’s right, its your opportunity to meet him in person and spend 3 hrs talking about Working Effectively with Legacy Code.

As usual we are using the Position Paper’s concept to filter in the really interested folks. Over a period of time, the quality of the position papers are improving. Also position papers helps in setting expectations on both sides, the presenter and the participants. The present can adapt their workshop based on the position papers and the participants can gauge what the workshop will feel like based on other people’s position paper. 

I really looking forward to pair with him on my Avatars of TDD experiment. 

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