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svnadmin dump with URL

Today, I wanted to move a SVN repository from my windows laptop to my Mac. So I was trying to dump the SVN repository from Windows machine and load it on my Mac. I was accessing my SVN repository via an URL (svn://machine_ip) instead of a Path (file://machine_ip)

Unfortunately svnadmin dump seems to accept only file paths:

svnadmin dump svn://localhost/project_name > project_name.svn_dump
svn: ‘svn://localhost/project_name’ is an url when it should be a path

Luckily I remembered the location of the repository on the file system. So then I tried the following and it worked

svnadmin dump /users/naresh/local_svn_repos > project_name.svn_dump

Please note that the local_svn_repo folder must be the actual root of your svn repository. This folder usually contains the following folders:

  • format (file)
  • conf
  • db
  • hooks
  • locks

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