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Call for Volunteers: The Gordon Pask Award Program

This year, Laurent Bossavit and J. B. Rainsberger have taken over as the Directors of the Gordon Pask Award Program. They invite you to participate in the Gordon Pask Award program. They would like to improve the program in a number of ways, including collecting nominations throughout the year, researching candidates’ contributions to the agile community and giving everyone a greater chance to get to know past winners. We need your help to do this well.

For the moment, we seek volunteers to help with work such as:

  • advertise and promote our initiatives on weblogs, in discussion groups, in user groups, at conferences, and wherever you can garner attention
  • design a physical Gordon Pask Award prize
  • interview Brian Marick about the story behind instituting the Gordon Pask Award in 2005
  • interview past award winners and write articles about them
  • connect the program with public relations or press outlets to help promote the award and raise its profile in the larger software community
  • suggest changes to the nomination process
  • suggest something special for the fifth year of the award (2009)
  • design a logo and color scheme for the Gordon Pask Award

If you would like to help, please send email to [email protected] and tell them how you’d like to help. You might tell them you’d simply like to help in whatever capacity needed, or that you have a specific task or project in mind to which to contribute. We welcome all comers.

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