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Agile Coaching Value System

What do we, as agile Coaches, value? What is our value system?

I value:

  • Respect and Trust
  • Transparency and Open communication
    • This works both ways. As a coach you want to show them that its OK not to know something. You certainly don’t know everything. But you are willing to learn.
  • Safe-fail experiments
  • Being hands-on and in the groove 
    • Second-hand information and knowledge can only take you so far
  • Down-to-earth, humble attitude
    • Being one amongst them.
  • Joy of improving things one baby-step at a time
  • Motivation and self driven
    • Lead by Example
  • Continuous learning and putting ourselves out of our comfort zone
    • I care, I’m here to help make things better and learn in the process. I’m not here only for the money.
  • And so on…

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