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Where is the real innovation happening?

It appears to me that the Agile Community is falling behind the innovation curve. At conferences, user groups, mailing list, etc, we see the same old same old stuff (may be I’m missing something). So where is the real innovation happening? What space should I be watching?

These were the questions I posed to the group @ the SDTConf 2009. Later, during our discussion at the conference we tried answering them. After a wonderful discussion we come up with some suggestions:

  • Web 2.0
  • Alternative Language (non-mainstream languages) space. Lot of interesting experiments going on in
    • Dynamic language space
    • Functional language space
    • Hybrid language space
  • Domain Specific Language space
  • Could Computing, Parallel Computing (Grid Computing), Virtualization space
  • Code Harvesting Space – Check out Test Driven Code Search and Code Genie as a starting point
  • Complex Adaptive Systems and its implication on our social interactions space. Dave Snowden’s work is a good starting point
  • eLearning and visual assessments (feedback) of a programming session. Check out Visualizing Proficiency
  • Polyglot Programming space
  • With Google Apps, people are able to build 100s of Apps each month and get instant feedback on their ideas
  • Social Networking and Second Life space
  • Conference: Lot of interesting experiments are been conducted in the conference space. Conferences have evolved to something very different from before.
  • Distributed Development and Remote Pairing space

If you would like to contribute to this list, please add your point on the SDTConf Wiki.

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