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Simple Design and Testing Conference: London, UK 12-13th March 2011

Simple Design and Testing Conference is an all open space conference providing software practitioners a platform to meet face-to-face and discuss/demonstrate simple design & testing principles/approaches.

At this conference you’ll meet real, hands-on practitioners interested in peer-to-peer learning and exploration. We strive hard to avoid fluffy, marketing talks and other non-sense.

  • What: Open Space Conference on Simple Design & Testing practices
  • Where: Skills Matter eXchange, London, UK
  • When: 12th-13th Mar 2011
  • Who: Software Practitioners (Developers, Testers, UX Designer…)
  • Cost: £50.00, also (Position Paper required!)

SDT Conf 2011 is our 6th annual conference and for the first time in Europe. Check out the past conference SDT Conf 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 details.

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