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Importance of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD)

Why should developers care of automated unit tests?

  • Keeps you out of the (time hungry) debugger!
  • Reduces bugs in new features and in existing features
  • Reduces the cost of change
  • Improves design
  • Encourages refactoring
  • Builds a safety net to defend against other programmers
  • Is fun
  • Forces you to slow down and think
  • Speeds up development by eliminating waste
  • Reduces fear

And how TDD takes it to the next level?

  • Improves productivity by
    • minimizing time spent debugging
    • reduces the need for manual (monkey) checking by developers and tester
    • helping developers to maintain focus
    • reduce wastage: hand overs
  • Improves communication
  • Creating living, up-to-date specification
  • Communicate design decisions
  • Learning: listen to your code
  • Baby steps: slow down and think
  • Improves confidence
  • Testable code by design + safety net
  • Loosely-coupled design
  • Refactoring

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