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Discount Code: Open Web & jQuery Conference – 22-25th July Bangalore

Open Web and jQuery Conference

The jQuery foundation is making their first trip to Bangalore to bring together experts from across the field of front-end development to bring you up-to speed on the latest open web technologies. Get the inside scoop on front-end development, code architecture and organization, design and implementation practices, tooling and workflow improvements, and emerging browser technologies.

We hope that you can use this opportunity to share ideas, socialize, and work together on advancing the present and future success of the front-end eco-system.

More details: http://jqueryconf.in

Online Registrations

First 25 people to register at http://booking.agilefaqs.com/jquery-conf-2015 can avail a special 15% discount. Use discount code – [email protected]$


jQuery Speakers

  • Dave Methvin – jQuery Core Lead | President of jQuery Board
  • Kris Borchers – Executive Director of jQuery Board
  • Scott González – jQuery UI Lead
  • Bodil Stokke – Functional Programming Hipster
  • Darcy Clarke – Co-Founder, Themify
  • Eric Schoffstall – Creator, Gulp
  • John K Paul – Organizer, NYC HTML5
  • Alexis Abril – Committer, CanJS
  • and 21 more speakers


1. Pre-Conference Workshops – Wednesday, July 22

  • Optimizing and Debugging Web Sites by Dave Methvin
  • Revolutionizing your CSS! by Darcy Clarke
  • Contributing to the jQuery Foundation by Kris Borchers
  • JavaScript: The Misunderstood Parts by Alexis Abril

2. Open Web Conf – Thursday, July 23
Talks on Functional Reactive Programming, ES6, Escher.jl, Famo.us, CanJS, Ionic Framework, Kendo UI, Arduino, WebRTC and The Future of Video.

3. jQuery Conf– Fri, 24th & Sat, 25th July
Talks on The jQuery Foundation, Grunt, AngularJS, TDD in JS, Securing jQuery Code, Performance beyond Page Load, Responsive Web, jQuery Gotchas, Functional Reactive Programming, RxJS, ReactJS, Om, Memory Leaks, D3 and WebRTC.

4. Hackathon hosted by Joomla project – Friday 24th 2:00 PM – Sat 25th 2:00 PM
Details will be published shortly…


Big thanks to Freshdesk for supporting this conference as a Diamond Sponsor.


Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road, Bangalore


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jqueryconf
Twitter – https://twitter.com/jqueryconf
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8301395
Website – http://jqueryconf.in

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