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A night in Chicago

A few weeks back I went partying with a bunch of ThoughtWorkers from the Chicago office. First we went to club called Sonetheque. Guess what? We had arrived even before the club had opened. To kill time, we headed to a near by Veg restaurant. After a few drinks and some crazy appetizers, we landed at Sonetheque again. To our surprise they did not let me in coz I was not carrying my identity on me. So we had to head back to the hotel to pick up my passport. Remember, if you are going out clubbing in the US, it‘s always better to carry your identity [passport/US driving license].

We soon forgot all this pain and found ourselves swinging to the awesome music. That night was a special Berlin minimal techno or minimal house dubtec music night. The DJ rocked. The party stopped at 2:30 in the morning and we guys headed out for some food.

This is was the best part so far. We guys went to a place called Wiener Circle. This place is very famous for its hotdogs. When we entered this place, there was all kinds of screaming and abusing going on. I thought, there was some dispute between some customers and the restaurant staff. In the next few minutes, I realized that was the culture of this restaurant. And all this screaming and shouting is what really makes this place special.

So if you want to order a hotdog, this is how it works:
Customer: “Hey you f**king bi*ch, give me a hotdog right now or I will chop off your head“
Staff: “What kind of a hotdog you want, son of a bi*ch”
And this screaming would continue for a while till they get the hotdog and they pay…

It was amazing to watch the energy levels in this place. At 3:00 in the morning, people were really screaming and enjoying. This place reminds of the Fish book. It‘s all about how to make your work interesting and satisfy your customers.

Organizations like this creates a place in the customers mind without trying too hard. They are different and they rock.

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