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Some differences between FIT and Fitnesse

1. Fixture.getArgsForTable(Parse table)
a. Fit: Method is at protected access level
b. Fitnesse: Method is at default access level

2. Fixture.loadFixture(String fixtureName)
a. Fit: throws InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException
b. Fitnesse: throws Throwable

3. Results page:
a. Fit: Directly adds colors to the resulting columns [Ex: for Right = #cfffcf]
b. Fitnesse: Adds different style values to the resulting columns [Ex: for Right = ‘class=“pass”‘

4. Counts: The number of exceptions and ignored can change based on the type of exception.

There are lots of other small differences which can make moving between fit and fitnesse tricky.

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