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Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools Visioning Workshop

I’m currently in Portland attending the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools Visioning Workshop. What an amazing group of individuals we have here. Yesterday was day one of the workshop and we spent most of the time finding out the current state of the union when it comes to Functional testing and the tools in this space.

We started off with introductions. Then we had 5 mins lighting talks alternated with 10 mins demo of tools people have built. We had some really really nice demos and some really enlightening talks. The details will soon be up.

After this, we spent time putting up problems in this space under 3 categories:

  • Solved Problems
  • Partially Solved Problems
  • Unsolved Problems

Solved and Partially Solved Problems Unsolved and Partially Solved Problems

Post this exercise, we broke up into groups and talked about specific things people wanted to talk about using an open space format. All were really interesting topics, but unfortunately at a given time I can be in only one place.

Post this, I spent some time with Brian Marick, trying out the tool he has developed for expressing acceptance tests using pictures and workflows. His tool uses OmniGraffle and Rails to make this work. I was very impressed with the easy with which we could create really expressive acceptance tests. Since OmniGraffle is a paid tool and works only on Mac OS, we were trying to explore other options to creating these drawing. We had some ideas and we need to explore more on them.

The day concluded with dinner and drinks and discussions/arguments 😉

I’m really looking forward to today’s session.

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