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Thin Slice

For a given feature, we can come up with multiple thin-slices which can be incrementally (sequentially) built.

Thin Slice is the simplest possible functional, usable, end to end slice of functionality.

Thin Slicing a feature is not a new concept. Generally development teams consider the simple happy path scenario as the first thin slice. The alternative flows are considered as subsequent slices. Today when I think of a thin slice, its slightly more sophisticated than just considering happy path and alternative paths.

Let me explain with an example: Lets consider we are building a web app and we need a feature which allows the user to upload their profile picture.

We can come up with the following thin slices:

  • User can upload any photo (predefined set of image format) – won’t look good coz the image size can vary and hence where ever its displayed won’t align well. Might not have AJAX support (depends on what is simple and quick to do). All the bells and whistles are pushed for later.
  • Build an image scaling facility so that we can reduce the image resolution and hence its size
  • Provide an image cropping facility so that users can crop their profile images
  • Instead of uploading an image from my disk, provide a facility to pull it from the web. The user provides the URL
  • and so on….

Each slice is functional (end to end, we are not just doing the UI or backend bit). This is great for internal feedback. Might not be good enough for a public release. Esp. with just the first slice. In some sense we are incrementally add more power to the feature with each thin slice. From another perspective it feels like we are iterating over the feature and refining the feature as we go along. In either case, We build the feature by adding one by one the thin slice, till the point we feel we can release this feature. Post release we can continue to add more slices.

It is also possible to come up with thin slices which are perfectly releasable. Lets take the same example and see how we could come up with thin slices which are releasable.

  • User can upload a photo (predefined set of image format + clear message showing the expected size and resolution). Any image which does not qualify this criteria is rejected.
  • Knock off the resolution constraint and build image scaling facility so that we can reduce the image resolution and hence its size
  • Knock off the image size constraint and provide an image cropping facility so that users can crop their images to fit the right size
  • And so on…

Check out another example of Thin Slicing from the Protest Project.

Please note that the concept of thin slice is also applicable at a much broader scope than just at a feature level. For Ex: On a given project we use the same concept to plan our small & frequent releases. At a portfolio level we apply the same principle to break projects into smaller loosely coupled projects and then prioritize them.

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