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Let's spread the Agile Bug

As a founder member and vice-chairman of Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) http://agileindia.org/, I‘m organizing a series of conferences on agile awareness in India.

We recently finished a one day introductory conference on Agile in Goa. Our next target is Mumbai and Pune. We are almost done with our planning.

The Agile India 2005, Mumbai conference is on 29th and 30th July at SPCE, one of the premier engineering colleges in Mumbai and India. 13 speakers have sent in their proposals for presentation/workshop. We have also got a few companies sponsor this conference. Looks like it‘s going to rock Mumbai.
More details…

The Agile India 2005, Pune conference is planned on 19th and 20th Aug at Symbiosis Institute of Computer research and studies (SICRS). Symbiosis happens to be a premier B school in Pune and India. We have the initial plan for the whole conference. It‘s going to be on lines of the Bangalore/Mumbai conference.
More details… http://agileindia.org/

While I still have my doubts regarding “Is agile for Masses?” Please come along and help us spread the agile bug.

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