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Agile Presentation @ Mumbai SPIN

Yesterday I presented a talk on Agile and XP at Mumbai SPIN. SPIN stands for Software Process Improvement Network.

Venue: NMIMS College.
Organizer: CSI and Mumbai SPIN (SPIN is a part of the CSI convention here).

The presentation was received very well. There were overall around 80 people. Around 40 were CSI/SPIN members, who are from the industry. The rest were students and faculty from NMIMS. The audience ranged from Vice-president to Developers to Quality/Process Analysts to Project Managers to Testers to Students.

The objective of the talk was to introduce the core values and principles of Agile and to challenge some of the practices which were been blindly followed in other methodologies. With the help of some of the XP practices, I demonstrated how one can achieve the agile values and principles.

Some of the topics that were discussed:
The Agile Paradigm
Why Change? Why Agile?
Cost of Change Curve
Some background on Agile. How did it all start?
Agile Manifesto
Comparison between Waterfall approach and Agile approach
Agile Triangle or the Agile Team
Lean : Manufacturing :: Agile : Software Development
Practices of XP
What are User Stories?
Breakup of a Typical XP Project
When to use Agile?
Some classical QA topics

My talk itself went on for 2.5 hours. It was 9:00 PM when we stopped. I tried to make the talk as interactive as possible. People were asking all the typical questions about a process.

I also used this opportunity to announce the Agile Mumbai Conference. A lot of people were interested in attending it.

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