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Why I'm not a great fan of Agile Enablement Gigs

I think most of us(folks in ASCI) don‘t know enough Agile to go and consult a company in India on how to use agile. Agile is not just a set of simple practices. It‘s a lot more than that. Agile is a huge cultural paradigm shift. This cannot be done with a bunch of trainings sessions.

What really is Agile? Am I doing Agile? How much agile your process is? Am I doing 100% XP/Scrum?
Well these questions/statements don‘t really make any sense to me. So against what are we going to measure ourselves?
The obvious answer would be, if the team delivers to client‘s satisfaction, then we [the enablers] have done our job.
Project deliver to Client‘s satisfaction != Agile
Agile is just a small component in this whole project delivery maze.

To me it‘s more of politics management than agile enablement. Which is what happens in any consulting gig.

If you are interest in developing cutting edge software applications, agile enablement will not really satisfy your appetite. Most of the folks I know of who are doing agile today are people belonging to this category.

We [agile enthusiasts] are very skeptical of “The Process Folks”. People who come in and tell you how to develop software without having any/lack of hands on experience. We don‘t want to put ourselves in the same category.

Is Agile Enablement just another consulting gimmick?

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