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Brian Robertson on Agile Planning 2.0: Beyond Storypoints

As a part of the Agile Philly User Group, I'm organizing a meeting on Feb 6th where Brian Robertson will talk about Agile Planning 2.0.

Agile Planning 2.0: Beyond Storypoints:
Iteration planning and velocity calculations based on “yesterday‘s weather” were a huge step forward for the Agile movement and provided significant value, along with a few drawbacks. The approach can hide critical information and feedback, and focus developers too much on literal interpretations of user stories in lieu of the actual business value those user stories represent. By shielding developers from real business schedule pressures, this approach can invisibly waste development capacity in a way that aggregates from iteration to iteration. This tutorial introduces 2-point Estimating and Buffer-Based Planning, a next-generation Agile planning and project management system which provides all of the benefits of the traditional storypoint approach, plus much more. It helps developers model and manage risk and learn from the unexpected, while focusing the entire team on delivering the highest business value per user story, without sacrificing size-based estimates, incremental refinement of estimates, or sustainable work pace.

The meeting is open to all. If you want to attend, please RSVP via email to me ASAP. Please include your name, role and organization.

Thanks to Chariot Solutions for sponsoring the venue and food.

Venue, Date & Time


  1. 6:30 : 6:45 – Greet, Food, intro, and announcements, etc.
  2. 6:45 : 7:00 – Announcement on the upcoming Emerging Technologies Conference
  3. 7:00 : 8:00 – Brian‘s presentation
  4. 8:00 : 8:30 – Conclusion and further discussion
  5. 8:30 onwards – Social Hours

More details on the Agile Philly Wiki

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