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Who is a Developer?

A lot of people think, if they can write some code, they qualify as a software developer.

IMHO don’t call yourself a developer if you don’t take ownership and responsibility for solving the overall, real business/user problem.

A good developer

  • understands the overall problem and its context.
  • has good problem solving skills (we are in the business of creative problem solving)
  • has empathy for the users and is a user and business advocate.
  • takes ownership by being a part-of the team and having a sense of belonging.
  • makes investment into continuous learning & improvement

[Agile and Software Craftsmanship movements has made great strives in this direction. However some Agile folks don’t get it. We can’t draw a line and say this side is business and that side is development. Its ONE team working towards a common goal. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of teams who end up creating artificial boundaries between people wanting the software and people building it.]

Anyway, having the ability to just writing some code does not qualify you to be a developer.

Almost a year ago, I wrote something more insightful: Programming in the 21st Century

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