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Agile Coach Camp India: Request for Invitation

Agile Coach Camp 2010

Dates: April 17th and 18th 2010
Venue: The International Centre,
Goa University Road,
Dona Paula Post office, Goa- 403 004

Format: Open Space

Who Should Attend? Today, in India, I believe we have many Agile coaches (internal and external, more internal coaches). If you are helping to bring Agile/Lean/Light-Weight thinking into your company, you are playing the Agile coach role (you like it or not). You could be in the leadership role doing this or you could have taken the ownership and facilitating/influencing your team. While doing so, we all need a lot of help, advice and reassurance of our strategies. This is what you can expect at this conference.

Agenda: Each day we start at 9:00 AM and end at 5:30 PM.

Each Day:

  • Lightning Talks (1 hr)
  • Opening the Space (30 mins)
  • Creating the agenda (30 mins)
  • Break-out sessions (5 hrs)
  • Closing the Space / Retrospective (30 mins)
  • Social Outing (optional)


  • We plan to hire the main hall for 2 days. Each day cost is roughly about 10,000 Rs. For 2 days it would be about 20,000 Rs.
  • Lunch + Tea/Cofee Breaks would cost 200 Rs per person.
  • Venue has good A/C accommodation. Its Rs 1500 per day for single room and Rs 1800 for double room.

(Please note that this is a special discount rate for Goa University.)

I’m expecting about 25 people to show up.

So basically each individual will be spending about:

  • 3000 Rs for the room
  • 400 Rs for food
  • max 1000 Rs for the hall
  • Evening outing: up to the individual

(if we find a sponsor, then the cost of the hall and food will be absorbed by the sponsor.)

Prep Work: Answers to the following questions will facilitate the following:

  • help us come more prepared for the Coach Camp
  • get a sense of the quality of the participants
  • start some knowledge sharing amongst the group
  • set certain context and potential topics for further discussion at the Coach Camp

We’ll confirm your participation on successful completion & submission of this form. The sooner you submit the form, the sooner we can confirm your participation.

*Dead line to submit the form: 22nd March 2010.

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