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ANN: Agile Coach Camp

Deborah Hartmann and myself are trying to organize an open space conference for Agile Coaches. If you have attended SDTConf, it’s going to be very similar. We are considering Spring 2008 as our time frame for the first conference [or should I say unconference].

Agile Coach Camp

We are seeking helping in a lot of areas:

  • Help finding a venue : University with a lot of classrooms and conference rooms will be ideal. Having on campus accommodation would be wonderful. Any part of US is fine, as far as it has an international airport real close
  • Volunteers: Help us build and run this conference
  • Sponsors: We plan to keep the conference free [or charge a min amount say 50-100 USD]. But we need companies to sponsor website, food, t-shirts, evening outings, stationaries, etc
  • Participants: Keep success factor to any conference is not the number of participants but the quality of participants. We are really looking forward to expert practitioners who coach agile teams on a daily basis
  • Marketing : We need to spread the word out. We believe in peer-to-peer word of mouth marketing model. Please help us spread the word around
  • I’m sure we need a lot more help

We are planning to start off in US, but we really want this to be an international conference run in the BarCamp style, where any one can run this. I promise no Royalties, no non-sense. If you are passionate about this topic and there is not one happening in your area, take the initiative and we’ll  be there to help you.

More details: http://agilecoachcamp.org

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