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Exclusive Workshops @ Agile India 2013 Conference

At the Agile India 2013 Conference, we are pleased to offer you 14 exclusive workshops.

The following three workshops should give you a feel for what we have in store:

The Fastest Learner Wins by Mary and Tom Poppendieck
No matter how large and successful a company is today, it’s long term survival is by no means guaranteed. Only a few large companies have been able to sustain growth over time by coming up with a steady stream of new disruptive businesses. How do they do it? More…http://bit.ly/ThmqKV

Honing Technical Practices To Realize Sustainable Agility by Venkat Subramaniam
Agile development is the new rage. Everyone is doing it. Organizations of various size and in different market have jumped on the bandwagon. They’re practicing various management approaches and are holding stand-ups. But, the key question is, are they succeeding with it? More…http://bit.ly/Thmri7

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in Software Development by Linda Rising
For those of us who struggle with complex problems for a living, unfortunately, don’t have time to keep up with the enormous amount of research in cognitive science that would help us be better thinkers and influencers. More…http://bit.ly/ThmkmE

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