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AND on 26th

AND – Another Natural Disaster

Krakatoa, Indonesia, volcanic eruption, (August 26, 1883)
Tangshan earthquake, China (July 26, 1976)
2001 Gujarat Earthquake, Bhuj, India (January 26, 2001)
Bam Earthquake, Iran (December 26, 2003)
Tsunami, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Indonesia (December 26, 2004)

and now…

Rains causing floods in Mumbai, India (July 26, 2005)

Hope you guys must have read about the disaster that took place in Mumbai on 26th.

Mumbai was lashed by the highest ever rainfall recorded in a century in India. The suburbs in Mumbai recorded rainfall levels of 944 mm within one day. Rainfall lead to landslides, deaths, water and power cuts, food shortages, erratic telephone links, no trains, jammed roads and the airport coming to a stand still. The break down in communication and transportation caused havoc in the city.

Official news claims over 800 people dead. But I believe the number is more than 1500. The amount of destruction and chaos that these rains and floods have caused in Mumbai is not measurable. Estimated damage to property is around half a billion Rs.

Where are all the trains
Rail Tracks
Save our souls

With all these events the most affected part of the society is always the financially weaker community. Today I visited a few slums in Mumbai which were the worst victims of this disaster. Lots of people lost everything they have earned and saved. Right from food, clothes, medicines, beds to televisions and refrigerators as most of the houses were washed out.

Bottom line: Never plan things around the 26th!

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