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Agile India 2006 Conference updates

Agile India 2006, Asia‘s premier conferences on Agile, will be held on May 5th and 6th in Bangalore. The conference is organized by the Agile Software community of India [ASCI], a registered community of agile practitioners.

Last years ASCI organized four conferences in different parts of India focusing on creating awareness about agile methodology. This year the conference will focus on sharing people‘s experiences using agile approaches on various kinds of projects. The conference features experience reports, workshops, tutorials and various discussion forums.

The conference targets developers, testers and managers who are using agile and are interested in sharing/learning techniques and lesson learnt from the community.

Finally we have a home page for the conference.
For more details visit : http://agileindia.org/agileindia2006

We have 3 companies which are sponsoring the conference.
1. Curam Software
2. Subex System
3. Thoughtworks

We got a great response for speakers. All the speaker slots got filled in 2 weeks time. We had to reject some session proposals to keep the quality of the conference high. So we have landed up with some very interesting topics.

I‘m excited to be a part of this community and looking forward to go back to India for the conference. I had submitted 2 proposals which got accepted. I know I have to start working on them, but somehow I have this nagging feeling that it would only be done on my flight back home.

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