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Offshore Agile Maintenance

Recently I presented an experience report at the Agile 2006 conference on offshore maintenance projects using Agile. Following are the details:

Maintaining a business critical application in production having serious performance and scalability issues can be quite a challenging task in itself. Having a new development team sitting on the other side of the globe can easily complicate things further. This experience report describes the challenges faced in this environment, lessons learned, and how we won the client‘s trust and delivered business value as quickly and consistently as possible.

The existing literature states the following as challenges with distributed/offshore team:

  1. Decrease in communication bandwidth
  2. Lack of visibility into project status
  3. Configuration management
  4. Command and Control structure
  5. Cultural difference
  6. Time difference

The points listed above seem like byproducts of something more important. This paper will present the following root causes and how we handled them:

  1. Lack of trust
  2. Loss of context, both business and technical
  3. Delay in feedback cycle due to increase in distance and time difference
  4. Duplication of efforts
  5. Change is inevitable

You can download the Offshore Agile Maintenance Presentation from here.

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