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Join the Agile Alliance Group on LinkedIn

When I was standing for the Agile Alliance board election in Aug 2007, in my position statement, I claimed that if I get on the board I want to “connect the dots”. I did not get on the board, but later when I got the Pask Award, I claimed again that, I really want to focus on “connecting the dots”. That would be my theme or vision for the next couple of years.

If you know me, you know that I’m really passionate about building a network of highly skilled, talented and passionate professionals. Personally I have experience the magic of working/collaborating with such folks. It is the knowledge and learning from these folks that has made me what I’m today.

In the Agile community, we have a lot of Agile practitioners who are doing great work. But they all seemed to be scattered all over the place like islands in an ocean. Trying to connect these islands [practitioners] can bring a lot of value in terms of knowledge sharing and identifying innovative idea and concepts. I think Agile Alliance is in great position to do this. So with the help of Agile Alliance I want to build a global community of these folks by bringing them closer and facilitating collaboration between them. Networking them is the first step towards this.

Hence recently I created a group for Agile Alliance on LinkedIn.

Purpose of the group: To connect Agile practitioners. If you are a supporter of Agile Alliance and Agile in general, please join this group.

Many professionals I know, have a linked in account today where they maintain their profile, resume, connections with other professionals, recommendations, etc on LinkedIn. IMHO, I am hoping that this existing informal network will provide a simple way for me to connect the dots and build a network of Agile practitioners who support Agile Alliance. Linkedin has another feature called “Recommendations” which is another way for the community to recommend and certify other practitioners to build a trusted network. Recommendations could be an alternative to “over the counter” certificates.

So if you would like to join this group on LinkedIn click the following link: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/37631/0FF74232FB92

I hope joining this group will activate the consciousness of belonging to the Agile community as a network.

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