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[Agile 2008 Conference] Distributed Agile Stage Committee

You might have seen the Call for Participation for the Agile 2008 conference. This year, Agile 2008 conference has adopted the metaphor of a music festival that provides multiple stages to attract audiences with common interests. Each stage will have a feel of a smaller, focused mini-conference whilst providing the conference attendee with wide choice of stages to choose from.

I’m the producer for the Distributed Agile stage. One of my responsibilities is to put together a committee which will help me come up with the final program for this stage. Of course this would be based on the proposals we get. So you will have to help me review the proposals, mentor the presenters to bring out the point clearly [some people have a really good concept, but cannot express it well], help them write their paper or build their tutorial and so forth. It is a lot of fun, its a great learning experience and its a great way to network with other practitioners. But it demands commitment. 4-5 hours every week for 3-4 months.

So if you are interested, please let me know before 9th Nov 2007.

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