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Conferences could be lot more Greener

Recently at the Agile Mumbai 2010 and Agile Bengaluru 2010 conference, we tried to make the conference as green (environment friendly) as possible. Following are the things we tried:

  • We did not hand over any conference program, printed hand-outs & slides or any other printed material (except for what the conference sponsor handed over). All this info is already available on our website. To make it convenient for the conference attendees, we took 3 large (A2 size) printout and stuck it outside each hall (track).
  • We also skipped handing overĀ  notepads & pens. I my experience very few people use them. Also those who want to use it, it’s easy to carry a notepad and pen.
  • Lunch and snacks were served in washable plates & steel spoons. Usually conferences use throw-away plates and plastic spoons.
  • For drinking tea, coffee & juice, we requested the conference participants to carry their own mugs & water bottles. This did not work all that well. We had only 3 people carry their own mug. In future, we plan to hand out a mug to each participant. (For Bengaluru conference, since it was in a hotel, they took care of serving tea & coffee in porcelain cups. Water was served is proper washable glasses)
  • Conserving Electricity: We tried to switch off projectors and Air Conditioners when ever possible. This is an area of huge improvement. We need to find more interesting ways to conserve energy.
  • Originally we had planned to request the participants to return their lanyards so we could reuse it. This one fell through the cracks.

At both the conferences we had an enlightening talk from Captain Planet (aka Saurabh Arora) showing the effect of global warming and how we can take small steps everyday to avoid further worsening the situation.

Overall I think there are lot more things we can do to make the conference more environmental friendly.

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