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Interview Summary with Agile India 2013 Conference Workshop Speakers

1. How do you sustain growth over time with a steady stream of new disruptive businesses? Attend Mary and Tom Poppendieck’s full day workshop on The Fastest Learner Wins http://bit.ly/RDCzvr (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/Rvyhnz)

2. Can good architecture just emerge miraculously from a succession of iterations? Attend Kevlin Henney’s half-day workshop on Architecture with Agility http://bit.ly/RDCB6t (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/SzHOJz)

3. What can cognitive science teach us about becoming better thinkers, better problem-solvers, and better influencers? Attend Linda Rising’s full day workshop on Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in Software Development http://bit.ly/RDCDLI (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/Thk4eY)

4. Can organizations really benefit by using Kanban over the first generation Agile methods like Scrum & XP? Attend Masa K Maeda’s full day workshop on Kanban Primer http://bit.ly/RDCFmJ (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/SzHs5M)

5. How to over come some of the key challenges faced by teams when adopting Continuous Delivery? Attend Jez Humble’s full day workshop on Continuous Delivery http://bit.ly/RDCGab (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/SzHbzF)

6. What practical technical practices does an organization need to sustain and succeed with agile development? Attend Venkat Subramaniam’s two-day in-depth workshop on Honing Technical Practices To Realize Sustainable Agility http://bit.ly/RDCGHa (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/TDLU2t)

7. Why Agile Enterprises need to break down the silos in their organization? Attend Prof. David West’s full day workshop on The Agile Enterprise http://bit.ly/RDCJ5N (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/SzJItF)

8. Are there real advantages/benefits of using agile games as opposed to traditional methods like meetings? Attend Laurent Bossavit’s full day workshop on Playing Games for Fun and (Business) Profit http://bit.ly/RDCKqs (Special Interview – http://bit.ly/Upof8x)

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