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Agile India 2006 Conference ends in fashion

Agile India 2006 was the 2nd annual conference on Agile in Bangalore. This year‘s conference had a wider representation of topics. We discussed challenges in implementing XP, we discussed a case study with Scrum, we had a presentation on Agile MDD and an intro talk on DSDM. Apart from these, we also had a wide range of interesting technical topics and some workshops.

Craig Larman gave a great keynote talk discussing some of the myths with traditional software development. On the second day we had a keynote from Steve Messenger on DSDM.

For a detailed schedule please refer to the ASCI website – http://agileindia.org/agileindia2006/program.htm

In one year, it looks like we have come a long way in terms of the topics and the participation from companies. We had participants registered from 73 different companies and 6 Universities from all over India. We also had speakers from 13 different companies.

We had a focused group of organizers [members of ASCI] who spent their after work hours to put this conference together. Hats off to all the organizers for the great work. It‘s incredible to watch things fall into place.

We were targeting around 250 delegates for this conference, but unfortunately only 150 showed up. As a part of the delegate kit we gave the following,
1. Conference T-Shirts,
2. Agile Project Management book by Jim Highsmith or Agile Software Development book by Alistair Cockburn.
3. DVD containing open source projects recommended by ThoughtWorks.

The two days of the conference went on pretty smoothly without any major issues. We concluded the conference with a retrospective which involved all the organizers, volunteers and delegates. The retrospective gave the delegates a hands on session on retrospectives, a platform for everyone to express their thoughts and a great feedback mechanism for the organizers.

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