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SDTConf is finally reality


Took me 3 months to put together this conference. But with the help of West Chester University and folks from Agile Philly User Group, we finally have everything set for the Simple Design and Testing Conference [SDTConf].

Dates: Oct 27th – 29th 2006
Venue: West Chester University, Philadelphia, PA
Target Audience: Developers, Designers, Architects, DBAs and Testers
Conference fee: Free.

SDT Conf is focused on providing agile practitioners a platform to meet face-to-face and discuss/demonstrate simple design & testing principles/approaches. The conference will use Open Spaces to structure conversation, improve understanding, facilitate brainstorming and help innovate.

This conference is not just limited to discussions; we are also planning an exclusive track for hands-on-sessions. This session will give practitioners a platform to work on some of key design and testing issues.

We are hoping participants would come to this conference with design and testing issues that they are facing day-to-day on their projects. Use this conference to exchange notes on other practitioner‘s approach towards solving similar problems. And, may be we come up with new patterns to address some of those reoccurring problems.

You don‘t have to be practicing XP, Scrum or other agile methodologies to attend this conference. This is about design and testing. Agile practices already address some of the common loop holes in this space, but this conference will try to take it to the next level.

Online registrations are open now. If you plan to attend this conference, please register ASAP, as we have only 75 slots in total.

So far, I have Brian Marick confirmed for the conference. We are hoping to have a few other practitioners to enrich the conference experience.

Look forward to see you there.

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