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Eclipse I’m looking at You!

I’m a big Eclipse fan. Since 2002 I’ve been promoting Eclipse inside my company and at local conferences. In 2003, I gave a Technical Overview of Eclipse platform @ Linux Bangalore Conference (now known as FOSS.IN). My claim was Eclipse is not just an IDE, its a platform to build IDEs and other interesting applications. People laughed at me saying I was fantasizing. They claimed that Eclipse was nothing more than an IDE. Anyway, time has proved that Eclipse is really a platform that has contributed a great deal to the software world.

While I continue to be a proud Eclipse supported, over the last few days Eclipse has started disappointing me. Last whole week, Eclipse kept crashing on my machine if I upgraded some Eclipse platform plugins using their update-site. Today I stumbled upon a new issue. On my Mac, when I try to launch Eclipse.app, it complains “The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library”.

Eclipse Crash Screen

It turns out that in my Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini file launcher.library points to a old plugin folder that does not exist. I had to manually go and update that folder to the correct folder name (version differences).

I had to change :



Hope these issues are resolved as soon as possible, so that end-user experience is not compromised and my faith in Eclipse does not die.

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