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Want to use it? First help us test it!

Why do Web 2.0 companies over look the importance of a solid suite of automated tests?

From an end user’s perspective it looks like they use their first thousand users as their manual testers.

I’ll give you an example, today LinkedIn launched a new set of Applications like SlideShare, Amazon, WordPress, TripIt, etc. When I try to use any application by installing it, I keep getting random errors.

There was a problem installing My Travel.
Fix this by reinstalling the application.

Sorry, unable to fetch your blog. Please try again later!

The server did not respond. Please try again.

Its the Web 2.0 companies or the Microsoft’s of the world who can get away with this attitude. If this was a high-end competitive market, such broken applications would result in significant loss of reputation and business.  The Web is certainly changing this. Not sure for the good or bad. On one hand, I like the fact that I can quickly release features and improve it over time. But on the other hand, I don’t like the fact that in the urgency to release new features, we compromise on quality and release dysfunctional stuff.

All I can think is, companies still struggle trying to strike the right balance. They are caugh up in tyring to have the cake and eating it too.

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